So, as I’m scrolling through Facebook, I come across the following advertisement.

Oh, she's cute, sure, let's see what this school is like....

So, if you know me, I’m looking to improve myself constantly, and I have a few projects on the burner that could use at least 3 of those topics… so I click through to the ad to see this horrible url:

You can click on it if you want, but, eh, why bother. See, when you go there, at the top of the page, you get a big form saying ‘Need Help(sic)? Speak with one of our advisors.” If you don’t believe me, see this nice screen shot:



So, okay, I don’t need help, I just want to learn data. You click on DATA and the page scrolls just a smidge and you get this:



If you click on the REQUEST MORE INFO link, it scrolls a smidge back up to that form you landed on in the first place.

Note that their first three code courses are all about web development, and two of the design courses are User Experience.

So, I figure, this must just be because they figure the Facebook people are simple folk and, as a result of that long URL showing that I came from Facebook, they’re going to hide the real information from me because it’d be confusing.

I do what any self-respecting Internet knowledgeable person would do and cut out all the crap from the URL and try to go to


I do not want these people teaching anyone web development or user experience, except maybe their own staff.

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