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John Eddy

Skills and Tools


Expert at Forums Management with 7 years experience.

Expert at Microsoft Office Suite with 16 years experience.

Expert at product support with 16 years experience.

Expert gaming experience with Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and DS, and other online games with 20 years cumulative experience.

Skilled at research, investigation and data analysis with 20 years experience.

Skilled at Windows Server management, with 5 years experience.

Skilled at Active Directory management, with 5 years experience.

Adept at Exchange Server Administration with 4 years experience on prior versions.

Adept at Technical Writing with 4 years experience and 1 published technical book.

Adept at SQL queries with 2 years self-taught experience.

Adept level C# experience with 5 years experience.

Hobby level HTML experience with 15 years self-taught experience.

Hobby level XML experience with 8 years experience.


    Lead author – Google on the Go: Using an Android-Powered Mobile Phone, ISBN 978-0789739537

    Microsoft Outlook MVP, April 2008 - present

Work Experience

Demand Media

Bellevue, WA

5/2008 - 3/2010

Tier 3 Support Analyst

  • Administer, manage, deploy and provide support for multiple high profile Internet websites (eHow.com, Trails.com, LiveStrong.com, GolfLink.com, Cracked.com, mania.com) as well as the eNom.com registrar and domain services platform

  • Perform data analysis for page views and click through rates to ensure that there were no issues with the web properties

  • Develop troubleshooting guides and operational procedural documentation for Tier 2 support members

  • Develop C# based tools to assist Tier 2 support

  • Develop scripts as well as C# based tools to assist in collecting data from servers

Sakson and Taylor

Redmond, WA


    Desktop Publisher II

  • Redesigned Sharepoint website

  • Consolidated content

  • Worked with Subject Matter Experts to address documentation needs

  • Searched for and organized links to external content as needed

Siemens IT Technical Solutions

Redmond, WA


    Windows Live Beta Coordinator

  • Managed customer communications (email and website).

  • Managed multiple Connect websites.

  • Plotted long-term growth of Windows Live Beta Tester Community.

  • Provided support to beta customers via multiple newsgroups and email support aliases.

  • Reported against newsgroups, e-mail support aliases and SQL databases.

  • Triaged bugs submitted by customers for handoff to Product Teams.

Microsoft Corporation

Redmond, WA


Newsgroups Administrator

  • Worked across groups to guide adopters of community technologies:

  • Helped to determine what technologies were right for the business.

  • Ensured newsgroup names balanced limitations vs. usability.

  • Maintained and managed a public and private newsgroup structure:

  • Regularly ensured that services (NNTP replication, post filters, newsgroup accessibility) were functioning.

  • Independently developed tools (using C#) to assist in day-to-day duties and troubleshooting of the NNTP system.

  • Managed an Active Directory comprised of approximately 250 user accounts.

  • Managed permissions to access approximately 1300 private newsgroups.

  • Managed filters designed to block unwanted posts.

  • Reviewed removal logs to verify a minimum of false positives.

  • Reported upon activity surrounding newsgroup cluster.

  • Enforced Microsoft’s Community Terms of Use and Rules of Conduct by removing spam and offensive postings discovered through:

  • Active monitoring of 20 microsoft.public newsgroups.

  • Reports to Microsoft’s Contact Us page.

  • Reports from Microsoft’s MVPs.

  • Wrote and maintained FAQs surrounding reporting methods

  • Actively managed, moderated and participated in the Microsoft public and private newsgroups:

  • Answering ‘meta’ questions regarding the newsgroups themselves.

  • Reporting server outages and less severe problems to end users.

Microsoft Corporation

Redmond, WA


MVP Lead

  • Coordinated world-wide Microsoft MVP (community influencer) program engagement within my products.

  • Initiated, developed, and delivered on a long-term global strategy to reach the online technical communities.

  • Organized product specific content within my products for major annual events attended by over 2,000 MVPs.

  • Interacted with 200+ MVPs via email, instant messaging, phone, and ‘face to face’ meetings.

  • Monitored and participated in private newsgroups to build camaraderie and to head off potential issues.

  • Represented the MVP Program at numerous Trade Shows and regional events.

  • Coordinated speaking engagements for Subject Matter Experts for local User Groups.

Microsoft Corporation

Charlotte, NC


Product Support Engineer

  • Provided frontline and second level phone based technical support for Microsoft Small Business Server.

  • Provided frontline newsgroup based technical support for Microsoft Small Business Server.

  • Wrote, edited and delivered portions of the Small Business Server Roadshow.

  • Wrote and reviewed KB articles.

Stream International

Canton, MA


Product Support Engineer

  • Provided frontline phone based technical support for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Mail and Microsoft Exchange.

  • Provided second level phone based and in-person technical support Microsoft Access, Microsoft Mail and Microsoft Exchange.

  • Delivered technical training in Microsoft Exchange to newly hired employees.

  • Managed a Microsoft Exchange server for approximately 100 employees.


  • Computers, Internet and current technology.

  • Online technical and social communities.

  • Creative writing and blogging (http://www.jaydeflix.com/blog and http://www.cooklocal.com).

  • Politics and current events.

  • Gaming (board and console).

  • Outdoor activities (kayaking, running).

  • Cooking.

  • Photography.