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Monday, September 20 2010

MIFFF2010 - Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival

MIFFF2010 Poster

So, I was going to call this a preview of the festival, but no, it's really a post-event wrapup preview of review posts I'm about to write. And that's a long title, so lets ignore it. The 'Fantastic' in the title isn't in reference to quality, although many of the films were good, it's about  […]

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Friday, August 27 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Scott Pilgrim Poster

There's a lot to talk about with regards to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and most of it is going to be a diatribe about things other than the movie. So, let's get the movie out of the way first. It's good. A solid piece of work with humor, action and romance. I'd say it was the best martial arts  […]

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Tuesday, June 8 2010

SIFF 2010 - RoboGeisha


With a name like RoboGeisha, I think you know what you're going to be in for. It isn't going to be Citizen Kane. It probably isn't going to be Citizen Ruth. It is probably going to be more like Citizen Toxie. And yeah, you end up seeing a movie that is high on the goofy list, but is just plain fun.  […]

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Sunday, May 30 2010

SIFF 2010 - K-20: The Fiend of 20 Faces


Imagine a world in which the Pacific Campaign of World War II never happened. If on December 8th, Japan instead signed a peace treaty with the US and the UK. They may not have bombed Pearl Harbor even, that part was left unknown. You and I probably think that the world would be a better place. World  […]

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