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Saturday, May 22 2010

SIFF 2010 - Animation for Adults Shortsfest

First, a little side note. There are two animated shorts that I will use to see what people are really like. The first is readily available on YouTube. Here Comes... Dr. Tran!. It's a brilliant, no where near safe for work, little animated bit of awesome. But it isn't exactly for the weak of mind.  […]

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Friday, May 14 2010

SIFF 2010 - Le Hérisson (The Hedgehog)


I've been struggling to come up with a review for this movie since seeing it over a week ago. See, this movie left me and the Mrs. pretty much in tears. It wasn't exactly a happy ending. We sat in our respective seats for about 5 minutes after the credits finished before we were composed enough to  […]

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